Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogs in the Classroom

One way I feel teachers can use blogs in the classroom is to create a manipulative list of directions complete with pictures much like my previous post demonstrated. With an Activboard, students can scroll up and down to check procedures and view examples. Videos could also be added as well as other forms of media related to the lesson. Personally, I save my PowerPoint presentations on my blogs so they are easy to access and manipulate from my board at the front of the class (since my computer is at the back). This also other teacher to use the same presentation for their own classes.

In my art or music classroom, students could also use blogs to demonstrate or write about their work and be provided with feedback from other students in the class. While I feel this is appropriate for 4th or 5th grade students, I would hesitate having my 1st-3rd graders use a blog by themselves, but we could create a classroom blog together so that everyone would get to participate in the creating process and show off what we made as a class. Individual students could write comments that I could add on the board while students watched and offered ideas.

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