Sunday, October 21, 2012

Technological Adjustments

This is the message I was telling my principal, computer tech, and other teachers from the day we found that the board had approved our textbook proposal for a class set of iPads over a new set of textbooks.  Over the time that I have taken this course, I have had my lab installed and our classroom has gone through some adjustments, but I know there are more to come.

Throughout this course, I have learned how to effectively include problem-based learning, online collaboration, and digital storytelling into my classes, and will walk away with some excellent examples to take to my staff when they come to me asking for their own suggestions to increase technology in their classrooms.  I am well on the way to have my students' videos shown at our Veteran's Day program as they describe the backgrounds of each of the branches of military.  I am working with other teachers in our district who also have iPad labs to create a network between our music classes for collaboration and to connect students across the county.  If all goes well, I am hopeful we can play as an ensemble 20 miles away from each other.

My next step is to reflect with my students on what we have learned so far to make the learning easier on next year's incoming students.  What did they enjoy or dislike, do they have any favorite lessons or suggestions, or perhaps want to share their stories themselves with the kids who will be joining us next year.  I love how one new piece of technology into a classroom that was already full of tech has really brought me and my students together so we are all having fun while we learn.

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